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Pyrros Papadimitriou


University of Athens, Greece, B.A. in Political Science and Public Administration (1985
University of Athens, Greece, law degree from the Law School of the University of Athens (1989)
Sussex University, U.K. Post-graduate Diploma in Economics (1987)
University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, M.A. in Economics (1988)
University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, PhD in Economics (1992)

Dr. Pyrros Papadimitriou is a lawyer, economist and Associate Professor in International Economic Relations at the University of Peloponnese.

Pyrros began his professional career as a financial analyst at Gerald & National Inter Commodities in London (1989-1990) and continued as researcher at the Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research in Athens (1994-95), manager in the Sector Research & Analysis department of ALPHA Bank (1995-96), advisor to the European Parliament (1996-98) on issues regarding the euro monetary union and director of Consulting Services at ICAP S.Α. (1999-2000).

In 1996 Pyrros founded HEADWAY Economic Consultants Ltd and still remains the main shareholder of the company. In 2006 as a co-founder, Pyrros established another company, the Four Assist Development Consulting Ltd, which mainly undertakes projects in the field of Public Financial Management and in Economic Development in developing countries and countries in transition. During these years Four Assist implemented more than 120 projects, financed mainly by the European Commission and the World Bank, in several regions of the developing world, including the South Caucasus, Central Asia, South-East Asia, Balkans and Africa. In Four Assist Development Consulting Pyrros remained active until the end of December 2015.

In the period 2007 -09, Pyrros, interrupted his business activities and undertook the challenge of running the privatization project of Greece’s flag carrier Olympic Airlines, Olympic Airways – Services and Olympic Aviation. He served as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer in Olympic Airlines (2008-2009) and in Olympic Airways – Services (2007-2008). During his tenure with the Olympic, he had under management 6500 employees and an annual turnover over 750 million euros.

After the successful conclusion of the privatization process, Pyrros returned to his academic duties and consulting activities. In the period August 2012 – June 2014 he has been appointed Coordinator of the Privatization of the Greek Regional Airports a project that has also been concluded successfully with the acquisition of the airports from Fraport AG for 1,23 billion euros.

Pyrros has also a strong teaching and academic experience having been a professor of Economics at the Hellenic Air Force Academy (1993-1994), a visiting professor at the Economics Department of the University of Crete (1996-1998), a lecturer (1998 -2003) and assistant professor (2003-07) at the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Macedonia and currently an associate professor at the Department of Political Science and International Relations of the University of Peloponnese (2007 – cont.). He has published various papers in international academic journals.

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