About us

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The Proposal

Canary Wharf Value Partners, Private Capital Co. (“CWVP”) in partnership with Headway Economic Consultants LTD (“Headway”) are proposing to cooperate with you in the professional assessment for the viability of financially distressed loan portfolio companies.

We can demonstrate a combined vast managerial and consulting experience in corporate and financial restructuring including the development of business plans tailor made for a proper business review of the companies under assessment.

Our financial/debt restructuring services approach focuses on the clients’ capital structure and optimal financial leverage. Alternative sources of financing are evaluated and debt restructuring plans are proposed based on the clients’ special needs. Additionally, professional support is provided in negotiations with financial institutions.

Both CWVP and Headway present a solid background in providing integrated business and financial support services to companies, regardless of their size and activities.

Over the past two years, CWVP has been mandated for the restructuring of a combined portfolio of Euro 220 million out of which Euro 40 million are already successfully restructured or in their final restructuring stage, while Headway has successfully provided hands-on business planning and viability assessment support services to more than 1.000 companies in Greece, assisting them to overcome the difficulties of the current economic recession.

Last but not least our pricing approach can be extremely competitive and custom made to the needs of our clients and the specific characteristics of their portfolios.