Our Strategy

At the core of our corporate culture lies our loyalty to our clients and our tenacity for success. Commitment to results and dedication to quality compose the foundation of CWVP's mission.

Each and every project is based on a commitment to achieving clearly defined and measurable goals, providing integrated services tailored to the needs of the client. Project completion occurs only when defined specific targets have been achieved. We often deem it appropriate to participate in our clients' business risk by associating our remuneration to the achievement of specific quantitative and qualitative goals.

This approach is derived from our conviction that the global economic climate is changing at a pace faster than ever before. The economic recession in many parts of the world, the new challenges created by globalization and the digital economy, and the frantic pace of technology advancement, dictate a new entrepreneurial and financial approach. In this new approach, with yet to be explored financial characteristics and social dynamics, the dipoles of specialization with flexibility, and innovation with competitiveness will provide the comparative advantages that will determine the success of an organization or a company.

The adjustment to the new entrepreneurial and financial model will also create new and significant opportunities for established organizations. In a vastly changing environment, market distortions will sooner or later diminish. Companies with vision, strategy and effectiveness and a solid and viable financial base will be able to exploit a new wave of growth; a new wave of growth with different characteristics from those in previous decades and with much more solid foundations.

CWVP's goal is to support companies and organizations, providing services which will contribute to the increase in their real value. In an environment where economic values are being challenged, our goal is to improve efficiency and create real value for our clients.



The Eurozone rebalancing challenge

Lessons from the past and dilemmas for the future


What has value in the digital and network economy?

From scarcity to short-lived innovation and to the lack of safe assets


Financial opportunities for Greek companies through the new development Law
and the Juncker Package

The new development law (4399/16) promises significant tax incentives for the eligible companies.
However, if combined with Junker Package, can be proved a significant financial instrument for Greek companies.


Financial opportunities for municipalities through Juncker Package

Through Junker Package new opportunities are available for:

•             Institutional investors in the EU and abroad - access to viable projects in various sectors and countries,
or through thematic or geographic investment platforms

•             Project promoters - easier access to risk financing to help finance infrastructure
and innovation projects of European significance in key sectors

•             Small and medium-sized enterprises - better access to finance
for innovative companies with up to 3,000 employees

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